Tens of Tons of Trash Scattered on Bunaken Island, Activist Paul Batuna Wrote Critical Words


Trash is scattered oh the coast of Bunaken Beach, who was tourism icon. Photo: Paul Batuna’s Facebook. 

Heavy rains that caused flooding since Friday (22/1) last week, impacted Bunaken beach, North Sulawesi. The flood brings tens of tons of trash to the beach, which has been an icon of regional tourism, even Indonesia. 

Paul Batuna (left) with other residents filling trash sacks. 

Paul Batuna, a netizen posted photos of the trash on the beach. There were also residents picking up and filling trash into dozens of sacks. In that post, Paul wrote that the phenomenon was due to the behavior of the Manado people, who dispose of trash inappropriately. He conveyed a thank you with words of criticism. 
Terima kasih masyarakat manado yang telah buang sampah sembarangan…kirimannya sudah tiba dengan selamat di pulau Bunaken..semoga kedepannya bisa lebih sadar lingkungan ya..??!!….
(Thank you Manado people for littering … the shipment has arrived safely on the island of Bunaken … hopefully in the future you can be more aware of the environment, huh … ?? !! ….)
Paul is an activist who consistently pays attention to the cleanliness of the marine and coastal environment. This long-haired man even spent a lot of time at sea. Paul’s post sparked objections. Some residents think, the stretch of trash on the beach of Bunaken, not only from Manado. Tens of tons of trash came from Minahasa, Tomohon and Minahasa Utara. 
“The trash on the island of Bunaken is a classic problem. From year to year. It is not only the responsibility of the Manado City government. But three regencies,” said Manado activist Terry Umboh. 
According to him, the basic problem so far is that there is no coordination between regions (regents and mayors) to seriously discuss the waste problem. 
“A certain percentage of the waste is sent from Minahasa, Tomohon and North Minahasa, through the river,” said Umboh. 
However, Umboh also assesses that the Manado City government has not been able to discipline the people who live along the river. 
“There are many settlements along the river, including boarding houses. It is easier for residents to throw garbage into the river,” continued Umboh. 
He hopes that the Governor of North Sulawesi, Olly Dondokambey, has the determination to solve the waste phenomenon. Olly must immediately gather local leaders (regents / mayors), to solve common problems. 
“Because Bunaken is a tourism icon of North Sulawesi. So it takes the governor’s commitment,” said Umboh. (*)


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